Recap of the 2016 camping trips

When I bought the Defender at the end of 2015 it was just a regular 9 person station. After a few months of hard work the Land Rover Defender 110 was finally ready to go camping. The multifunctional cabinets were ready and the overlanding accessories had been added. 2016 was the first year Rafiki the Defender was used as a Defender Camper, and it was used well. It gave us lots of fun during the short camping trips of the year.

2016-6-18 Camping Bernehoeve, Kaatsheuvel (Efteling), NL

The very first camping trip was a one night stay at Camping Bernehoeve in Kaatsheuvel. It was the ideal place to spend the night close to theme park the Efteling. A nice camp to come back to after the Efteling Midsummer Festival.

2016-8-6 Recreatiepark De Klepperstee, Ouddorp (weekend trip Zeeland), NL

After the summer holiday it felt a bit like rehab to be back home. So the weekend after it was already time to hit the road again, this time with my cousin. We decided to go for a weekend trip to Zeeland to enjoy the beach. Visiting old villages, the beach and the North Sea.

2016-8-24 Camperstop 'T Crumpse Hoekje, Millingen aan de Rijn, NL

Me and a friend wanted to visit nature reserve Millingerwaard near Nijmegen (NL). We drove towards it the evening before the visit and camped at the camperstop 'T Crumpse Hoekje, Millingen aan de Rijn, NL. A neat place for motorhomes and campervans, not too expensive and everything is present. And most importantly for us, it was near the Millingerwaard.

2016-8-27 City camping in Eindhoven, NL

I had a party in the centre of Eindhoven, NL. And when there's a party there's booze. So I decided to sleep in the car for the night, in stealth modus for the first time. Hidden away in an alley with the curtains closed.

2016-11-13 - Camperstop Pünderich, Moselle, DE

The high season of camping was over and actually barely anybody was camping this time of the year. But we insisted on going on a roadtrip and camp for the night. We decided to go to the Moselle region in Germany. Normally this drive won't take too long, but we spend the entire day driving through forest, conquering gravel roads and enjoying the view in the meantime. At the end of this exciting they we spend the night at camperstop Pünderich, near the Moselle river. The highlighted cities were Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues.

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