Renewing Rafiki on Tour

Yes we've finally found the time to give Rafiki on Tour what it deserves, a dedicated website and a fresh approach on social media. As you may know we started Rafiki on Tour at the end of 2015 to mainly share the rebuild of the Land Rover Defender. But with time passing our adventures became far more interesting to share and you all started following us. During the recent Europe Roadtrip it was amazing to share the complete story with you. But, and there's one big but, it all started out with the idea of keeping our family up-to-date.

But now the time has come to create a bigger following. The focus has shifted from keeping friends and family informed to inspiring fellow travellers around the world! This time we know what it takes and will invest more time and effort in it. Stay up-to-date and be inspired!

What to expect?

We will still be sharing lots with you, the good and the bad. You want to discover the best places through our pics? Check out our Instagram. You want to stay up-to-date on our whereabouts or get involved? Check out our Facebook page. And then finally we will be sharing equipment reviews, vehicle info and in-depth travelblogs on here, www.rafikiontour.com. Yes, we'll give you the heads up on Facebook when there's a new blog online.

But we see Rafiki on Tour as more than just a platform to inspire you. We think it works both ways, we also want to get inspired. That's why we love to get in touch with you. We hope YOU can let our bucketlist grow, that's why we challenge you to inspire us. But for us the journey is not only about the places we visit, it's also about the people we meet. So don't hesitate to contact us and lets meet, we would love to!

Will we see you on the road?

The Rafiki on Tour social media platform is renewed!

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