Get the right gear

Having the right gear with you on a roadtrip is essential. On our trips we love to bring the best equipment, but we don't have an infinite amount of money and most likely neither do you. We all know the cost of good equipment can add up. So why spend € 1200,- on a fridge, if a € 600,- one will do the job as well. But maybe spending € 150,- extra on a better awning is worth the money.

We camp as often as possible and have done so for many years. This way we've gained a fair bit of experience in the field of cost v.s. benefit in regards to our stuff. And like you we would rather keep our hard earned cash in our pocket and spend it on our holiday. But sometimes investing a bit more in your equipment can prevent a lot of hassle on the trip itself. We will try to share our equipment experiences as good as possible. We'll inform you about the good and the bad. Stay tuned for the equipment reviews!

Getting the right overland gear is essential for a successful trip, you don't want to spend your time on fixing stuff

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