The Canoe Trip - Värmland, Sweden

Yes, this is it! The ultimate adventure in the Swedish wilderness. A canoe trip on the lakes of the Värmland area in Sweden. This trip, supported by The Canoe Trip, was perfect for a back-to-nature adventure. Getting back to basics, reconnecting with yourself and your surroundings. Finding adventure in the wild nature that's all around. This canoe trip was a magnificent adventure unlike anything else!

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Lunchspot during the canoe trip in Sweden. Camping on an island.

What is The Canoe Trip?

Me (Tobias) and Sven (my good friend from the Europe roadtrip) were looking for a different adventure. After a short online search we stumbled upon The Canoe Trip. An organisation that arranges canoe trips to Sweden. They provide the transport to Sweden and then provide you with the canoe and burner. If desirable they also supply the food package, which we opted for. They also provide you with a route to follow, although it's not mandatory to follow it. It merely motivates the group to split up to keep the experience as authentic and wild as possible. Of course you'll meet people in the bus and on basecamp, so it's easy to form a group and start off together.

The Värmland lake district

Sweden is one of the most desired countries for canoe loving people. It has more lakes than one can count and is very well suited for this sporty adventure.

Our canoe trip took place in Värmland, a district rich in lakes and forests. But not only the abundance of lakes makes it a very well suited location. Also the presence of wildlife, shelters and remoteness adds to the experience. This region is perfect for an adventure on the water. It's rather safe, but still authentic and wild.

Back to basics

The basics in life: food, water, sleep and warmth. Not sure if internet should be on this list as well... according to many young people it does. We would disagree. What do you think? Can you still live without an internet connection? I hope you can! It surely is a relief when you don't have to check your e-mail and messages twenty times a day. The wilderness of Värmland is the perfect place to go offline. There's no cell reception all around. And if you finally have reception, you don't want to use it to save your battery. It's relaxing!

This canoe adventure will bring you back to the basics. It's all about the canoe trip itself, the amazing scenery, new friends, great stories, the dried food and of course the campfire with bread and marshmallows in the evening. You'll live in the here and now. Truly living. You'll probably even forget about time and day. Living to the rhythm of the sun, which shines pretty long hours in summer!

The most important aspects of your day are the food, finding the best camping spot, staying hydrated and warm and the exercise.

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Making new friends on a holiday on the canoe trip in Sweden. Always around a campfire of course.

Canoeing with new friends

A trip like this is all about the authentic and wild adventure, the nature and the thrill of canoeing. But don't forget the social aspect of such a trip! Although many people will start the trip as duos, it's still some sort of group undertaking. As soon as we arrived at the pickup location in Utrecht (NL) it was clear this trip was also going to be about making new friends. The four amazing girls we met in Utrecht were the most fun partners we could've asked for. Say hello to Ed's Canoe Crew, the best from the beginning if you ask us.

We spend most of the week with the four girls, but we should also mention the rest of the group. They were equally fun. Playing games, telling stories and having fun like we've been good friends for years.

It's up to you how this adventure will play out! Will you stay alone for most of the trip, or will you look for a fun group and head out for the adventure together?

The Canoe Trip vibe

Yes, there's a special vibe! A feeling that's hard to explain. A feeling of great satisfaction, a joy of being surrounded by like-minded people, a great appreciation for the nature and wildlife around you and a thrill to explore the lakes.

The whole experience is very positive and is unlike any other holiday or adventure we've ventured on. You will suffer on some days, but this only adds to the highs on the other days.

This trip is for you, if you...

  • love the outdoors 
  • enjoy and respect nature
  • are in for an active holiday 
  • like to meet new people, or barely want to see anybody at all - yes it's all up to you!
  • love campfires with marshmallows
  • want to get back to basics 
  • want to feel truly alive and live in the moment

Have fun!

Drone footage of friends canoeing in Sweden.

Don't forget to check out our recap video!

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