About us

We are Rafiki on Tour, full-time travelers exploring the outdoors overland-style. We travel with a Land Rover Defender 110, pushing boundaries, going places others can't. We have a passion for the outdoors and love to share our stories with you. The full story; the highs and the lows. We visit the most amazing places, but also have to deal with car breakdowns and do our laundry.

Our Defender is our basecamp, our home on wheels and our line in the sand. A trusty companion. But we aren't afraid of a hiking trip with the backpack and tents either. We have everything with us to venture out by vehicle, foot or inflatable kayak. The outdoors is our backyard and playground, it's the place where we feel at home. 

Meeting locals in Albania, they rescued us when the Land Rover broke down.

During the last few years our experience and confidence has grown. The urge to venture out further than ever before has grown exponentially. New continents are on the horizon, and so are new friends we want to meet. So, if you happen to be in the same area as us, give us a shout! Let's drink a few beers around the campfire together.

The history of Rafiki on Tour

Tobias, founder of Rafiki on Tour, started traveling as soon as he turned 18. He didn't even have is drivers license when he bought a Land Rover Series 3 Ambulance. A veteran vehicle that drove across Africa three times. The perfect camp vehicle for the summer holidays to come.

But after some years, in the fall of 2015, it was time to upgrade. That's when Rafiki the Defender was acquired. A no-nonsense vehicle as the base for future exploration. During the first few months it was outfitted for overland travel and was used for many holiday trips in the months and years ahead. But we soon realised this car had way more potential, bigger plans were lurking around the corner. That's why in 2017 we undertook a 8,5 month journey across Europe, beating 36.000 km of tracks. It was the adventure of a lifetime and the start of something bigger: a dream to explore the world overland.

Let's venture out, explore places and keep pushing further. The world is ours to discover.

Why the name?

The first camp vehicle, the Land Rover Ambulance, that Tobias acquired was called St. Baraka, which translates to 'Blessing' in Swahili.

So when the Defender was purchased Tobias decided that the name of this vehicle should match that of St. Baraka. That's when Rafiki came into existence, meaning 'Friend' in Swahili. It's not by coincidence that the monkey of the Lion King is called the same. That monkey is a true friend and a source of wisdom. Wisdom that we hope to acquire with our international travels. Rafiki on Tour - Friends on Tour.

The team

Since Rafiki on Tour is not about one trip, it’s possible we’ll have a new team now and then. As the founder and key member of Rafiki on Tour, Tobias is always present and teaming up with numerous friends. Will you join our Land Rover Defender 110 on future travels?

Manon Verijdt will join Rafiki on Tour for at least the 2022/2023 Africa trip!

Tobias van Krieken

Tobias van krieken - Owner of Rafiki on Tour

Hi there! I am Tobias van Krieken, an outdoor and nature enthusiast with a passion for nature conservation, photography and traveling. I am an Applied Biology graduate with a specialization in Ecology (HAS University of Applied Sciences). But in the past few years I've worked in the IT and Marketing branch for a while.

For me this was a great situation because it gave me the money and time to go out and explore the outdoors in my time off. In 2017 I even had the possibility to quit my job for 9 months and travel around Europe.

This hiatus fueled the passion for travel and made me dream bigger and bend boundaries. It made me realize that exploration is necessary and that I want to venture out further than ever before. This break from the normal life also pathed the way for the Rafiki on Tour platform to grow. Something I'm very grateful for.

You can find more info about me on my personal website (Dutch) www.tobiasvankrieken.com.

Manon Verijdt

Hi fellow enthusiasts! What a pleasure to introduce myself here on this page. My name is Manon Verijdt, a fellow Applied Biologist from the Netherlands! The past 3 years, I've embarked on quite a journey as an entrepreneur. I've covered different fields, from architecture to journalism.


During these ventures, one thing kept coming up: I felt greatest when traveling and when in nature. Not by surprise by the way. I've always loved being in nature and immerging myself in new environments and cultures. Only problem? I never really took action on my biggest dream: travel full-time.

In May this year, my life took a spin: a broken relationship and feeling lost in my businesses. It was time to follow up with this dream of mine. As if life knew, Tobias and I met through a common friend of ours, Sven. You might have actually seen him here on this page before, as he was Tobias’ previous fellow world traveler.


What happened then is history. We found out we both studied the same, did the same sports and we were ready to embark on a journey into the unknown – the continent of Africa. I'm more than ready to put my journalistic passion and cameras’ viewfinder to work!


Curious about all the things I've done (and still do) as an entrepreneur? Take a peek at www.manonverijdt.com.