About us

We are Rafiki on Tour and we love travelling, hence our name. Our travel team currently has one permanent member, Tobias van Krieken, and a variety of likeminded friends that join us regularly, more on that a bit later. Rafiki on Tour is the result of years of camping and the drive to share our stories online. Where camping used to be about getting away from everybody and your normal life, in recent years this has changed a bit. These days we all have a Facebook account and stay up-to-date every second of the day. This social media presence not only changed our daily lives, it also changed the way we travel. In the past we went to a travel agency for holiday info, these days we have the luxury to ask anybody for the best spots. And yes, that includes us, you can aks us anything. Thanks to social media we have the opportunity to inspire people around the globe!

We created the Rafiki on Tour platform to inspire and to connect. We love to share experiences and the most beautiful places with you. Sharing is caring isn't it? Finding the best camping spots or the most unique places to go on a river hike can really define a trip. For us another important thing is meeting up with fellow travelers and locals. Rafiki on Tour gives us the possibility to connect with you and create new friends. Contact us if you want to share experiences!

Inspire - Connect - Enjoy

Instagram is the place to go when you're looking for inspirational travel pictures. And you love to see these pictures of people in hammocks or chilling on the beach don't you? We do too! But we also think we have a bit of a responsibility towards you. The line between enjoying the #hashtagged #vanlife pictures or getting jealous is thin. It's sometimes hard not to get jealous when you see these pictures. That's why we like to share the complete story with you! We are also going to share the other side of travelling. When we're not doing super awesome stuff we also have to do our laundry, clean the dishes and deal with a car breakdown... and of course work.

Meeting locals in Albania, they rescued us when the Land Rover broke down.

And although there will always be setbacks and less exciting stuff, travelling is super awesome, and with the right mindset this lifestyle can be super rewarding! It's incredible to see what a great classroom the outdoors is. You will discover so much, getting to know different cultures and exploring different landscapes. In general the best advice we can give you is to be positive, see the good in every situation and be open to other people (especially the locals). This will make your adventure unique and a way better experience. Go out there!

The team

Since Rafiki on Tour is not about one trip, it’s possible we’ll have a new team now and then. Currently our travel team only consists of Tobias van Krieken. Tobias will of course be joined by many friends on his camping trips. The more the merrier. You'll get a team-update when the next big trip is coming up! For now we're driving our overland Land Rover Defender 110 with many friends.

Tobias van Krieken

Tobias van krieken - Owner of Rafiki on Tour

Hi there! I am Tobias, an outdoor and nature enthausiast with a passion for nature conservation, photography and travelling. I am an Applied Biology graduate with a specialization in Ecologie (HAS University of Applied Sciences). After graduation I couldn’t immediately find a job in the ecology sector and worked in the IT branch for a while.

For me this was a great situation because it gave me the money and time to go out and explore the countryside in my time off. Eventually I even had the possibility to quit my job for 9 months and travel around Europe.

During this amazing roadtrip the passion for the Rafiki on Tour platform grew, which finally resulted in a more complete social experience for the followers. Let's become friends!

You can find more info about me on my personal website (Dutch) www.tobiasvankrieken.com.