News · 27. February 2021
Looking for a travel buddy - 2022 roadtrip to other continents
Will you join me on a big roadtrip in 2022? It's time to discover other continents. Let's explore all the highlights and enjoy of the most beautiful vistas every day. Will you join on a trip to South-America, Africa or Asia, together with me and the Land Rover Defender?
News · 10. February 2021
Reisgenoot gezocht 2022 - roadtrip naar andere continenten
Ga jij mee op reis in 2022? Het is tijd om andere continenten te ontdekken! We bezoeken alle highlights en genieten iedere dag van de mooiste uitzichten. Ga jij mee naar Zuid-Amerika, Afrika of Azië, samen met de Land Rover Defender?
News · 19. February 2018
Yes we've finally found the time to give Rafiki on Tour what it deserves, a dedicated website and a fresh approach on social media. The time has come to create a bigger following. The focus has shifted from keeping friends and family informed to inspiring fellow travellers around the world! This time we know what it takes and will invest more time and effort in it. Stay up-to-date and be inspired!