News · 27. February 2021
Looking for a travel buddy - 2022 roadtrip to other continents
Will you join me on a big roadtrip in 2022? It's time to discover other continents. Let's explore all the highlights and enjoy of the most beautiful vistas every day. Will you join on a trip to South-America, Africa or Asia, together with me and the Land Rover Defender?
News · 10. February 2021
Reisgenoot gezocht 2022 - roadtrip naar andere continenten
Ga jij mee op reis in 2022? Het is tijd om andere continenten te ontdekken! We bezoeken alle highlights en genieten iedere dag van de mooiste uitzichten. Ga jij mee naar Zuid-Amerika, Afrika of Azië, samen met de Land Rover Defender?
Equipment review · 06. February 2021
Lifesaver Jerrycan 20000UF review
The Lifesaver Jerrycan is an all-in-one filtration and water storage system, capable of filtering 20.000 liters of water on a single filtration cartridge. It will provide you with clean and safe drinking water that's free of viruses, bacteria, cysts and other parasites. With the Lifesaver Jerrycan at hand you can venture out further than ever before. But is it as good as they say and will you really use it once on the road?
Equipment review · 06. February 2021
Tembo 4x4 Defender 110 roof rack review
The Tembo 4x4 roof rack is the storage base for all your adventure gear. This heavy duty aluminium roof rack fits nicely on the roof of your vehicle and makes sure you can bring all the necessary equipment on your camping trip or expedition. We make good use of it, time for a review.
Equipment review · 26. January 2021
Tembo 4x4 camping hammock review
The Tembo 4x4 hammock is a great piece of kit for your camping trip and overland expedition. The unique standalone unit brings comfort to your day. Time for a review!
Equipment review · 26. January 2021
TRED Pro recovery boards review
The TRED Pro recovery board is one of the most advanced and best engineerd boards on the market. Designed to get your 4x4 out of trouble with ease. It just helped us to get out of the mud, time to write a review! Did it live up to our expectations?
Equipment review · 26. January 2021
Wacaco Nanopresso review
The Wacaco Nanopresso is one of the most portable espresso machines on the market. It will get you the best espresso of the campsite. A perfect piece of gear for the adventurous lifestyle. But is it all good, or are there some drawbacks as well? Let's find out!
Equipment review · 15. January 2020
Coleman unleaded two-burner stove review
The Coleman Stove 424 is the ultimate campstove for overlanders. It burns on a multitude of fuels, including readily available unleaded petrol. This makes it ideal for long-term global adventures. But practicality isn't the only reason why people buy it. Check out why we use it!
Equipment review · 02. January 2020
Tembo rooftop tent review out in the field! Did it survive heavy downpour and huge amounts of snow? Let's find out!
Equipment review · 01. January 2020
Unbiased review of the ARB Touring 2500x2500 awning. A great piece of kit that should be on every overlanders vehicle. It will provide you with shelter against the sun and rain. And in the meantime creates a great atmosphere. So, should you buy one? The pros and cons are all here!

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