Destinations · 07. November 2019
The Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy is one of the most rewarding and challenging hiking spots in Europe. It has a lot to offer, from the green pastures down in the valleys to the bare rock fields higher up and the glaciers that tower above everything else. With unlimited hiking possibilities it's a paradise for the outdoor lover. But be prepared, this park is not for the faint hearted and requires some degree of preparation. Read on and we are here to help you!
Destinations · 01. November 2019
Cappadocia is a land of dreams. This region in Central Anatolia, Turkey, is rich in amazing rock formations and mind-blowing underground cities. A must-do activity is flying a hot air balloon over the many valleys. And don't forget to visit an underground city whilst you're there.
Destinations · 27. October 2019
The Canoe Trip - Värmland, Sweden
The Canoe Trip in Värmland Sweden was an unforgettable adventure. The outdoors, the wilderness and the self-reliance got us back to basics. Finding adventure in the wild nature that's all around. This canoe trip was a magnificent adventure unlike anything else!
Destinations · 27. January 2019
If you are looking for the last wilderness of Europe? The Northern Velebit National Park is the place to go! It's perfect for the outdoor lover who get's excited when exploring new places! Put on your hiking boots and step outside! But beware of the bears and wolves that call this precious place home.
Destinations · 13. August 2018
Recap of the 2018 summer holiday to the Pyrenees
In the summer of 2018 we visited the Pyrenees with the mission to traverse it West to East. The holiday would be about discovering remote areas, driving dirt tracks, reach summits by foot and explore the cozy villages on the Mediterranean.
Destinations · 19. February 2018
Recap of the 2017 Europe Roadtrip
The Europe roadtrip was one we will never forget. It all started in the summer of 2016, when I (Tobias) had the crazy idea of taking a break from the 'normal life' and go on a roadtrip through Europe. Only problem at that time was the fact that none of my friends could free up the time or had the money to join me. Eventually I got so desperate that I went searching online for a travel buddy. Luckily for me Sven responded and we decided to go on this trip together... as total strangers!
Destinations · 31. December 2016
Recap of the 2016 camping trips
When I bought the Defender at the end of 2015 it was just a regular 9 person station. After a few months of hard work the Land Rover Defender 110 was finally ready to go camping. The multifunctional cabinets were ready and the overlanding accessories had been added. 2016 was the first year Rafiki the Defender was used as a Defender Camper, and it was used well. It gave us lots of fun during the short camping trips of the year.
Destinations · 01. September 2016
Recap of the 2016 summer holiday
In July 2016 the time had finally come to take the Defender on a bigger trip, it was time for the summer holiday! Me and a friend travelled around the Alps for three weeks. We visited Belgium, Luxembourgh, France, Monaco, Italy, Austria and Germany. The weather was super sweet and we saw so many highlights in such a short timespan.