Fitting the bullbar to the Defender

When I bought the Defender it had two very sturdy head light protectors in place. But I wanted a more sturdy look and better acces to the lights in case they needed to be replaced in the field.That's why I decided to replace the light guards with a wrap around bullbar.

After an online search I found one at the other side of the country. It was necessary for the bullbar to fit on a Defender with aircon, which not all do. But this one luckily did. When I came back home I found out there was rust beneath some parts of the plastic coating. Not too bad, but I wanted it to be in great condition. So I cleared the affected areas of rust and put some Hammerite on it.

The old spotlights that came with the bullbar were completely rusted stuck in place. I had to grind them off unfortunately.

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