Defender camper interior

2021-9-12 - The cabinets of the interior are for sale! Pickup in Oirschot, The Netherlands.


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When I bought the Land Rover Defender 110 it was a nine seater Station. Since I only needed two places I decided to scrap the second row bench and the four seats in the back. The requirements of the interior were that it would be able to seat two additional persons, provide a place to sleep, have lots of storage and that it would have an easy to acces place for the fridge (Indel B Travel Box TB51 - Isotherm/Webasto).

I first started out with searching for the best setup. Although I already had a large album with pictures from other Defenders, I wanted to get this right. So after weeks of thinking I came up with a design which I draught in Google Sketchup. At first the idea to design a detailed lay-out of the entire interior. But soon it daunt to me that the interior of the Defender is in no way straight or a right-angle box. So the plan to make a detailed lay-out was soon scrapped and I just started with the build.

The Defender camper interior build

After a couple of days the inside of car had been entirely stripped and cleaned. Getting rid of years of dirt and smudge. When that was done I covered the entire floor and sides with a moisture-resistant plastic sheet, added the damping mats and put vinyl flooring on the bottom. O yeah, don't forget the heating that's underneath it! When we're hooked up to the mains we can turn the electric underfloor heating on.

All cabinets were made by myself and are constructed of hardwood multiplex, ranging from 9 to 18 mm in thickness. After the construction all cabinets were painted with a primer and then finished off with a couple of layers of grey paint.

Defender camper interior explained

The interior now consists of a fridge and multiple storage cabinets and drawers. There's a big storage space behind the cubby box and passenger seat. This one is accessed through the second row door on the right. It contains some spare parts, camping stuff and our tools (it's a Land Rover right?). The other bigger storage compartment is the one for the towels, blankets and toilet paper. This one is acces from the back area and from the top.

The back area is equipped with electrical accessories like 12 volt carplugs, USB chargers and LED lighting. You can also hook your laptop up to the 230V socket when connected to the mains. Here you will also find the light switches, fuses and the switch for the underfloor heating. Want to know more about the electrical system? Check this out.

In the back you'll also find a bench on the right side, which can fold open into a bed for two. When driving you'll find the two camping chairs on there, but when parked you can easily convert entire back area into a bed. I left the original seatbelts in place, so this bench can even serve as a seat when driving. Good for when you've friends joining.

Finally there's the backdoor fold-out table. This table is easy to open and use when preparing your lunch or dinner. A must have accessory which takes up almost no space! The interior of the overland Defender is complete.


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