Fixing chequer plate onto the Defender

Chequer plate, it's something that can toughen up your vehicle and make a beast out of it, or make it look like a patched up garbage barrel. Personally I love a bit of chequer plate. It gives your car a tough look and provides sturdiness. The chequer plate on the wings for example makes sure you can stand on them. But it's also very nice to have on the wings when working on the car because it prevents scratching your precious paintjob.

I don't like to put chequer plate everywhere, this would be a bit overkill to me. But if you put it at the wings, the sills and the back corners it will give the car a nice tough touch. Fitting it to the sills was very easy. Fitting the plates to the wings was a different matter. You will soon find out that you have to remove the coolant reservoir and the power steering reservoir to fit all the bolts that come with the chequer plate. When the bolts of your reservoirs come off easily it's a managable job. If they don't come off you'll find yourself deeper and deeper submerged in small fixes. Good luck!

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