Fitting the Front Runner Jerrycan holder

Without diesel there's no progress, at least not in the number of kilometers driven with the Land Rover Defender camper. To make sure we would be able to keep driving in remote areas we fitted jerrycan holders on both sides of the car. At first the idea was to place just one at the back of the car, but this didn't fit very well and would impede with setting up the rooftent annex.

The current set up consists of two holders, one on each side of the car. The left side is fitted with a Front Runner water jerrycan (which is not a perfect fit in the jerrycan holder) and the right side is fitted with a diesel jerrycan. Big advantage of this setup is that you have your water accesible within arms reach when 'living' underneath the awning. And when you need diesel you can just siphon it from the jerrycan to the dieseltank opening that's right beneath it.

The jerrycan holders are from Front Runner Outfitters, originating from South Africa. Heavy duty and lockable. It's fitted in place by securing it onto the rain gutter and bolting it through two rivet holes.

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