Tembo 4x4 rooftoptent on the Land Rover

A rooftop tent makes an overland vehicle complete! When we decided to have a Tembo 4x4 rooftoptent, a tent that folds out, it was time to make adjustments to the roofrack. Because where a hardshell rooftent just folds open vertically and doesn't need any space towards the sides or back, a softshell rooftent folds open and doubles its footprint.

To make space for the rooftent I had to cut off the roofrack railing along two-thirds of the rack. Because of the width of the tent the siderails had to go and because it folds open over the back of the truck that side had to be removed as well. The sharp edges of the railing and the floorpanel were finished with caps and rubber bandages.

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