Fitting the Autohome telescopic ladder

You know how difficult life can be when you're small...? Neither do I, it's awesome. Except when you need to climb onto the roofrack of your Defender. That's why I went searching for a ladder. When I bought the Defender it had a ladder bolted to the backside of the truck. But it was blocking the license plate and it was not possible to keep it with the rooftent. So when I removed that one something else had to substitute for it.

Climbing on top of the roofrack via the hood wasn't ideal, so I went looking for a telescopic ladder. Unfortunately when you start looking you'll soon find them very expensive, not up to the job or having the wrong dimensions. There were some that were up to the job, but would set me back € 400,- (!). After a few weeks of searching I was able to find one for much cheaper. A shop in Belgium had a Autohome ladder, used for the Maggiolina rooftents. He could offer it to me for a very reasonable price.

The Authome ladder had the right dimensions, was telescopic, weight next to nothing and could be hooked onto the roofrack. While on the road the ladder is secured to the roofrack with brackets and a Thule lockable knob. 

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