Adding a side locker to the Defender 110

You can never have enough storage in your overland Defender, can you? No you can't. But we want to stress that although you can't have enough storage, you can have enough weight! With more storage possibilities people tend to bring more stuff with them. Be careful not to bring more than you need, the weight of it will decrease full efficiency and break your suspension sooner.

Nontheless we added extra storage to the outside in the form of a side locker. Tobias' previous Land Rover originated from the Dutch army and had a side locker factory installed. This relatively small storage compartment was very handy as you could store all your dirty stuff in there. All fluids and other messy stuff were stored there. Because of that reason the Defender also needed one.

Unfortunately most side lockers will set you down somewhere between € 400-700 euros, which is a lot of money for a small storage space. Luckily after a few months I found a second hand one online in Belgium. I bought it and painted it, matching it with the color of the car.

Installing the side locker into the Defender

Fitting the box was a bit more difficult than expected. There was barely enough room to fit the locker behind the side panel. After a lot of measuring, remeasuring and measuring it again we decided to start cutting the panel. All turned out well, but we also had to remove a support bracket, which we replaced by some bolts on top of the locker. In the end it was a succes and the locker fitted nicely and is being supported by a bracket and the chassis crossmember. It was worth the effort and I finally have a spot to store all the dirty stuff, keeping the car fresh and clean.

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